Advanced Android Development — Concepts

This is the concepts reference for Advanced Android Development, a training course created by the Google Developers Training team. This course builds on the skills you learned in the Android Developer Fundamentals course.

This course is intended to be taught in a classroom, but all the materials are available online, so if you like to learn by yourself, go ahead!


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The Advanced Android Development course is intended for experienced developers who have Java programming experience and know the fundamentals of how to build an Android app using the Java language. This course assumes you have mastered the topics in Units 1 to 4 of the Android Developer Fundamentals course.

Specifically, this course assumes you know how to:

Course materials

The course materials include:

What topics are covered?

Unit 1: Expand the user experience

Lesson 1: Fragments

Lesson 2: App widgets

Lesson 3: Sensors

Unit 2: Make your apps fast and small

Lesson 4: Performance

Unit 3: Make your apps accessible

Lesson 5: Localization

Lesson 6: Accessibility

Unit 4: Add geo features to your apps

Lesson 7: Location

Lesson 8: Places

Lesson 9: Mapping

Unit 5: Advanced graphics and views

Lesson 10: Custom views

Lesson 11: Canvas

Lesson 12: Animations

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Last updated: October 2017

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